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Build fantastic
customer-facing teams

Skillr measures the skills required to succeed in customer-facing roles, so that you build high-performing teams that delight and monetise your customers

Trusted by leading organisations globally

Create powerful teams with precision

Data-driven insights at every stage

Building transformational customer-facing teams is easy with Skillr

Build teams that are prepared for anything


Skillr is the science behind effective customer interactions

When we set out to build Skillr, we wanted to build a platform that could reliably capture, measure and predict how people actually perform at the workplace. We discovered that most skills assessments available today only evaluate people’s skills in isolation of external factors present at work. For example, a person who has a strong command over languages, but is temperamental, may in fact be a poor communicator at the workplace.

That’s why we spent years working with both, academia, as well as hundreds of innovative employers, to build a tool that provides companies with meaningful data that holds true is real-world situations.

The result is an assessment framework that’s practical, innovative, and futuristic. It's unquestionably the world’s most advanced way to build customer-facing teams for the future.

The word on the street and the boardroom

Acquiring customers is hard. Losing them is careless.