Predict high-performing talent, before you hire

Skillr’s assessments quantify and measure behavioural skills that are required to succeed at work in the future

Why companies big + small love hiring with Skillr

Customise assessments for virtually any role
Objective assessments & AI-driven insights to hire measurably better talent
Super-fast hiring with automatic scoring to dramatically reduce TAT on hiring
Fantastic candidate experience that gathers reliable data

Best assessments on the market
Hands down

Purpose-built assessments for customer facing teams & contextualised for role-specific skills
Rigorous skills framework with a higher statistical validity than personality-based incumbents
Situational judgement assessment questions that cannot be googled
Video and audio questions that eleminate interviews & lower costs

Task-level precision that reveals the whole truth

Hiring that makes business sense

Build a target-driven team

Infuse your team with talent who have the skills to perform on-the-job

How It Work
Benchmark current skill levels of your team
Assess external candidates being hired
Hire talent who bring new strengths
Raise the overall bar of performance of your team

Slash ramp time

Reduce the time that it takes employees to reach optimal performance levels

How It Work
Guage the specific skills required for a job
Map candidate strengths to available roles
Hire talent that’s ready to hit the ground running
Reduce cost of training new hires

Scale rapidly and affordably

Skill-based hiring allows you to focus your efforts on fewer candidates who are skilled and likely to perform long- term

How It Work
Widen your funnel of candidates with minimal effort
View automatically graded & shortlisted candidates
Automate your workflow and collaborate with multiple stakeholders
Reduce attrition-related sunk cost

Hire Power

Skillr’s hiring tools aren’t divine intervention. But they sure feel like it!

I highly recommend Skillr for teams hiring for sales roles,

because we are biased to choose strong communicators for these roles, even though they may not be the best performers. Skillr helps to identify such problems that can be hard to notice during interviews.



CEO, Sova Health


Acquiring customers is hard. Losing them is careless.



Assess & hire talent whose skills are geared towards performing well in customer-facing roles



Leverage precisely targeted training insights to boost your team's potential and its capacity to generate revenue



Build compelling career growth pathways to retain star performers & develop your high potential talent