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Boost the performance of your rainmaking talent through effective training powered by market leading assessments

High-growth companies align their training needs with Skillr

Conduct training needs analysis with unmatched precision
Train your talent effectively through tailored recommendations
Meausure ROI on training investments through ongoing assessments
Demonstrate tangible improvements to reduce attrition & allied costs

Driven by the most reliable assessments on the market.

Industry Benchmarked
Industry-benchmarked assessments to identify precise focus-areas of development that help to close performance gaps
Behavioural Skills
Backed by a rigorous behavioural skills framework with a higher statistical validity than personality-based incumbents
Global Institutions
Designed by experts and psychologists from leading global institutions

Stay miles ahead with unparalleled insight

Conduct training needs analysis

Invest your effort wisely by identifying low and high performers and training them accordingly.

How It Work
Get focus area-level input on opportunities for growth in the team
Access tailored development recommendations for each individual
Focus training efforts on building skills that demonstrate returns

Close performance gaps

Close gaps between low and high performers within the same team and move towards consistent output.

How It Work
Focus on structured interventions for low performers
Reinforce team strengths through peer to peer learning
Reach consistent performance levels faster

Supercharge productivity

Increase the efficiency of your training through ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

How It Work
Conduct ongoing assessments to build a culture of growth
Provide measurable, precise feedback regularly
Lower preventable losses on training that demonstrate subpar results

Ready to train

Measurable. Precise. Unimaginably Powerful. Change how you train with Skillr.

Skillr assessments helped us understand the skills of our team.

It helped us identify the learning & development areas for each team member. The assessments were quite accurate. It’s been very useful to use their assessments for recruitment as well. We really appreciate the time and support given by the Skillr team and look forward to continue to work with them.

Pooja Taparia

Pooja Taparia

CEO & Founder, Arpan


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